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Drawing autoshapes
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When I draw an arrow using Insert-Picture-Autoshapes, the arrow is shown at 45° to the right. To make the arrow horizontally, I go to Format Autoshape-Size-Rotation en I let the arrow turn 315°. This works fine.
But when I view the slide the arrow is still 45° to the right! Did I do something wrong? How can I solve this problem?
Thank yo
The reason of this strange behavior is MSIE limitation on Autoshapes rotating (MSIE can apply rotating filter to texts and images, but there is a problem with autoshapes). Until we find solution to this issue, you can rotate the arrow in CourseLab by dragging the end point by mouse to achieve right direction. In this case autoshape will be described by start and end point with no rotation, therefore it will be displayed exactly as you want. Please make sure that Rotation field (Format Autoshape-Size-Rotation) is set to zero.
It worked alright!!
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