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Emailing a module
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I am working with a professor to create e-learning modules. I want to email her a final draft of a module I've completed, but I don't know what file to choose so that she can actually see it on her computer, without CourseLab installed. What do I need to do?
Create a folder somewhere.
Open the module in Courselab
From the Module drop down menu select delete unused files
From the drop down menu select publish
Give it a name (used on the start page)
Publish for CD distribution

Compress into a zip type file and mail it off
I'd use winrar as it does make smaller files than winzip

What kind of files does it delete? If I need to make changes to the module once I've deleted these files, is there any complications deleting unused files creates?

Would you recommend using this method to email to students in a university setting? My particular university has a limit of about 2 GB.

Thank you so much for your help!
If you add a button courselab will also import the rest of the family of that button set so it can be a significant saving in file size. Only components that you haven't used are deleted so there is no downside. If you edit the original source files later and add a component that was previously deleted then it will be added again along with other files you won't useYou'll also want to try and keep any images small, by that I mean don't use a 3000 x 3000 image which is then displayed on the page as 100 x 100. Courselab will store the original image and rescale them for display so images that are the correct size are usually best.I would imagine that you'd get down below 2GB in most casesIs it possible to have the files a server somewhere that students can access, and download from ? This might be better than mailing them all a copy.
Oh and don't forget to add some version control info, maybe on the splash page so it's easy to identify old material.
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