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Courselab problems in Joomla 3.0
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My name is Hans Sjöqvist.

We use Courselab 2.7 to make courses to learn refugees the Swedish language.
There are no problems to create courses in Courselab.
We publish our courses to HTML files and copy these files to our webserver.
We have created our homside with Joomla 3.0 webtools.
We use embedded frames to show our courselab courses.
If we use Internet explorer 11 as browser embedded frames does not work. We have also problems with some texblocks who’s moving a little bit up and down.
If we troubleshooting function activated in internet explorer following messages appear.
“Rowe 7723 was oSplash = oDoc.selectSingleNode("Splash"); Property or method selectSingleNode not supported of this object.”

You can test this on our home side www.rakaspåret.se or www.jomblatst.resultatdata.se .
“Demo” / “En eller två” in the main menu.

Please give some solution of this problem I was very happy. Because this application is very imported for us.

Thanks for quickly answer from you ..

My best regards
Hans Sjöqvist hans.sjoqvist@resultatdata.se

Hi Hans, part of the problem is answered here http://www.courselab.com/view_doc.html?mode=forum_entry&object_id=5955492497231577181&doc_id=5799960992579148569
The objects on page moving a little is IE. As I note in the above thread as each version of IE is released you have to apply work arounds to preserve page formatting on web pages especially where they are complex pages. MS applies standards but implements them in their own quirky way whaich means problems for everyone else.

The next update should fix most of the issues you are experiencing.

I did look at the test page and sympathise with your problems, as far as I can see the issues you have are all known and I think the majority will be fixed in the next update to 2.7 which should be available very soon.
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