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Test - random chosen variant
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Hello everybody,

I would like to ask you if it is possible to create more variants of test and then one would be generated and given to a student. I know it is possible to do with randomly given questions but no idea about whole tests. I m using Courselab 2.7.
Many thanks for your prompt reply.

So you want to make a number of tests that cover the same thing but each are different.
The usual way to do this ios to have a large number of questions, say 20 and select 5 different ones each time. The basics of this is here http://www.courselab.com/view_doc.html?mode=forum_entry&object_id=5846355482930518786&doc_id=5799960992579148569

There was an old thread back before 2012 dealing with this but I can't find it :(

Or you could use a QTI test object which should be able to do the same. A small adavantage in this is that to change all of the questions you change the QTI file rather than the pages. As long as the naming remains the same you don't have to change the module at all.
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