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Retake test with no popups
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I have developed a course that has 3 learning objects. Pre test, learning module and post test. All have been uploaded to docebo the LMS. The objects must be done in that order. The pre test has no pass mark but the post test has a pass mark. I want the learners to be able to take the test several times until they attain the pass mark. How do I get rid of the popups on recurrent approaches? I just want the learners to re-take the test like they are taking it for the first time and upon attaining the pass mark, the course is marked as completed.
You should set the questions to allow recurring approaches.
In 2.4 and 2.7 you set this in the object properties using the limitations tab by selecting allow recurring approaches meaning that you can come back again and re run the question object.
In 2.7 you can select between two events when a user re-enters a question, either they get a pop up telling them they've already opened this question or it can quietly reset. 2.4 doesn't have this option.
You will also need to have set the whole thing up to allow navigation to any slide, so not sequential.
It might also be a good idea to give docebo the information that they haven't completed by setting an objective in the run time settings that flags the module as incomplete untill they have completed your desired criteria.
In this case completing the pretest successfully would be one, pretests are usually used as a shortcut for users that already have the required knowledge, could flag as complete. So a user has to get a fixed score to flag complete and success.
The next would probably be that if the pretest is failed then they need to open the content pages then complete the post test to a determined score to set the module to completed and success.
You can also have some of this set in Docebo if you want to but generally the module sends this kind of messaging out to the LMS.
Thank you Nick. I see the functionality I need is in the 2.7 version. I have tested it in the trial and it works. The scores are being passed on well to Docebo too. I had set the objectives as required

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