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PowerPoint Import
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Is there any limitations or anything unusual on the powerpoint import? I have a file I want to import, I setup a new module folder, then went to powerpoint import, entered in the file location and clicked next. I get absolutely nothing. I have tried PPT and PPTX.

The file is basic, no audio, notes, animation or anything. It does have 47 slides which I prefer to import over cut and paste over and over and over.

I have courselab 2.7 and have made more than 40 modules with this program but never used a powerpoint import.
It should work BUT......
I would save the powerpoint file in a different format, say 2007/2010/2013 which is in an XML format, I think it labels a a ppsx or similar. I suspect that an earlier format would be the best for your purposes.

The new formats that MS PP uses are more loosely based around the oasis open document format BUT with a bit of a microsoft twist so it is slightly less open but way better than the older formats.
Thanks.. I will give that a try!

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