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After using CourseLab for a while now, I can say that it's a great tool. It needs to add some standard features (described in Problems and Suggestions section)

Overall it's a great tool!

Way to go guys, great job!!!
Mikhail Okun
Websoft CourseLab is a very clean looking piece of software. The installation is very simple and this includes within Windows Vista even though the makers do not support this OS.

When starting a new project the wizard opens and walks you through rthe various options including template selection and creating a new folder. After this I felt that I was on my own without and clear direction of where I was supposed to go. Perhaps the makers couls also include a small video tutorial which will show CourseLab's full potential. To date I find that the likes of exe and Relaod are a lot simpler for the user but that CourseLab will in the future lead on features.
S. Wilson
This is one of the easiest and most powerful software I've ever used to create elearning materials. Even without capturing screens with a screen recorder, you can still easily create a demonstration movie using the TIME LINE feature. The Actions feature is a very powerful tool that makes it very easy to create an interactive environment, it also gives you total control on all types objects in your slides. The software is very easy to use, I was able to create couple of interactive games for helping users use the mouse in less than 3 hrs. I'm really enjoying creating materials with this great tool and I think I'll be using it for a very long time.
Daniel Gabriel
Very good, quick and professional assistance when requested. Real congratulations. Should become one of the major tools of the market
Stephane Barbosa
Well, well-, it's amazing how simple things can be richer than complex applications. I have downloaded CourseLab and in just a couple of minutes, I felt at home; Its very easy-to-use interface allows you to concentrate in your work and not to lose time trying to find options and features. It is a mix of PowerPoint (as it contains slides or pages), Adobe Flash (Interaction, Frames) and Adobe Authorware (some logic and programming can be added). The big difference is that it is very very easy to use. I will like it to see it developed in the future.

some other tools I have seen such as Lectora and Toolbook are too much complex when you want to do it quickly and faster.. with some others tools I feel I need a Ph.D on those tools before trying to create something!

Very good product. Congratulations for all the team who developed this tool
Eduardo Hernandez
It's something I tried to find before. It's the first so good freeware soft and it can compete with expensive authoring applications.
Rafał Koszyk
Courselab Software is observed to be not only a powerful software which can integrate your data, video, audio into diversos ouput like CDs, HTML We use this for the web page building as well as rich multimedia content learning our higher education course content making software.
Even though the software is made to perform complex task , need some sound understanding of some script and coding to have have complete knowledge of all the resources , the learning curve to get the several feature is much better as the userinterface is well made The several examples and template made ca surely this tool as ths better choice , since quality , made by the product is observed to be best. More over web2 thinking is also inbuilt with software development as colaborative comunity can actively paraticipate , independent of the comercial one.
I am sure , even though yet do not have Brazilian Portuguese version of user interface , I am sure my students will love and I am sure even the school students can make use of this software.
As the extensive user , after testing Demo version of several years Qarbon Viewlet, Articulate as LMS oriented software OLAT,EXE and interact , I am able to select .I am very happy to recomend this Courselab , a well made software not only for all school and unversity teachers, but also researcher like me too of biofuel reseach. This is software is the easiest way possible to create high quality graphics for web site construction or imaging work togother with a powerful but easy to use feature set makes the complex task of knowlege content making , knowledge delivering and testing , all integrated in one
Prof.Dr.Pagandai V.Pannirselvam
It is wonderful easy to use tool for authoring. I used it for demonstration of my products. It is light weighted but useful tool.
this is a great soft and free !
What i love in your soft is we can use it for elearning but also for several others things like presentations, web sites and more.
It is very easy to use the software and we don't need a help file to create the first project.

cerelog from FRANCE
I think Courselab is an excellent, simple to use tool for people with training and instructional design expertise but with limited technical skills.

It contains, in a free package, the majority of functionality that an instructional designer could want in creating simple e-learning courses.

The interface is intuitive and easy to learn how to use.
As you might expect there are some compromises - you don't have total freedom of design and functionality built in - but then it would no be so easy to use.

In particular, for someone with little experience of using graphics packages, I found the graphics manipulation tools, like drag-and-drop and hotspots, very easy to implement.

Richard Beaumont
Great product, has saved me at least 20 hours when I design a course
Mark Carroll
Development tools for e-learning that automate interaction and SCORM coding are far too expensive for small business or freelance use, so there is a real need for this sort of software. And if that wasn't enough, the flexibility built into Courselab allows limitless design possibilities.
I sincerely hope the development team continues to enrich the feature set.
Anthony Montalvo
This tool can help solve 1 of the problems an organisation struggles with when starting CBT; the creation of the bulk of content. The knowledge holders can, if they can operate powerpoint, easly transpose and enrichen the material.

It offers a great deal more interaction options and in due time other forms of learning, other than standard courseware, will be produced to engage the learner.

The 0 cost of using the program is a smart move to gain a foothold in the markt of E-learning.

In the past I have created a simular program for presenting rich media in a courseware manner. But is was not webbased, no SCORM, and only editable in explorer. This is actually the program I wished to make, but on steroids.
Hans Ringelberg
Course Lab is by far the best freeware for creating e-learning content that I have come across.
It offers exceptional features all in a user friendly environment. I'm working on a very tight budget but have created some high quality and comprehensive courses that would equate with any 'paid for' software.
It's very refreshing in this consumer orientated world to come across something so useful and purposeful that doesn't exploit its users!!

Jon Day
We at TeacherContact.com are so impressed with your product. We even added a link to your web site from our corporate site.

Satish Akula
President & CEO
Satish Akula
A good programm to learn teaching without to lern programming
Thomas Knopp
Course Lab is a great find. I had been looking for something that did not cost an arm and a leg, maybe two legs. It is easy to use and produces fine results. I will admit , that I thought it came with templates or modules, perhaps I was just being greedy, and wanting everything for nothing.

The out come of all the lessons that I have created was great. For a tool That I received for ...not one penny. I could not have wanted for a better program. As an attorney, and writing 1st and 2nd year law lessons, Course lab is almost perfect. I recommend, that everyone have this in the top three of their course creation arsenal.
Marcus Branch
Very simple to use ! Full SCORM 2004 compliant software !
Manoj Killedar
I was surprised at how easy CourseLab was to setup and get going with my first project. I was building a course within minutes and when I got stuck with how to do popups, the website tutorial showed me how to do with ease - againg in minutes!

Well done, great product. I was so impressed I purchased the PowerPoint Import addin. This also works well. I've tried importing in Trainersoft and it just created a mess. With this product, the slides came in easily and i was able to make changes to the slide.
Terry Reid
I have spent the last four years reviewing the various offerings of authoring tools available and most I discarded because of cost - because even though the features of many of them make it easier to produce rapid e-courses, the up front investment is enormous.

When I came across CourseLab I was over the moon because it does everything the others do and IT'S FREE. Not only is it easy to use, but the User Guide explains everything you need to know to get up and running fast.

Thankyou for producing such a comprehensive tool - it's a real blessing to be able to forget about Demos and Trial periods.

Paula Crabtree
Paula Crabtree
CourseLab is an easy to install, use and understand course creation tool. It does what it says it will. It is compliant with industry standard LMS - a big benefit.
Dr. M. English
esta muy interesante, andaba buscando algo asн, pues se entiende fбcilmente la idea y forma de desarrollar contenidos e learning, la interfaz se parece mucho a los clбsicos programas de Office, por lo que no tendrй que dar horas y horas de capacitaciуn como en otros entornos (toolbook)
While I haven't had the opportunity to fully review this product, my first impressions are it has potential. The appearance of this software is good and is familiar.
The beauty of this product is that it does precisely what is says it can do, generating high quality material to encourage students to learn in exciting ways.

Within minutes of installing and exploring the program you are itching to generate content. Your first few will be trails and you will make a few wrong decisions, but then if your are like me you will get the bug to create top quality resources, courses and material.

I looked long and hard on the web to find a suitable product, I am glad I found this. Above all the product is free. If you are looking for a product that gives you ease of use in generating e-learning content, then look no further.

Nigel Ashton
Very good user friendly software, relatively small amount of problems. Best part - SCORM/AICC export tool!
Sebastian Polak
This is one the best and fast product I have try for courseware creation

Daniel Groulx
I have only used Power point before this. I have tried out Course Lab and am happy with the reults. Its fairly easy once you get the hang of it. I tried to include Power Point presentations but without success until I stumbled on your website.
The PDF manual is great, has detailed instructions even for a beginer. I believe that once I complete reading I would be able to enhance my abilities of using Course Lab.
For your information I am 70 years and since I retired in 97 I have been working as a Trainer in a wide variety of subjects. I am an Aviation Security Specialist and am currently working on a Course Lab package in Aviation Security for Air Crew which I hope the air crew at Sri Lankan Airlines, where I am currently the training consultant, will use. This type of training is new to Sri Lanka where people still go for lecture type training.
I am also a past President of the Family Planing Association. I am also at work preparing Course Lab packages in Reproductive Health for Youth.
I will keep you informed of progress as well as the reception when I introduce these packages.
Shirley S Silva
Overall, I think your product is fantastic! I have spent the last 10 years in education and training, and I have a personal .NET application in the works to perform the very same feautures provided in CL.
Pete Stucke
The practice of preparing interactive materials for teaching is quite new in my workplace. The few e-learning tools that have been prepared so far in the university where I teach were prepared by colleagues with Adobe Flash and all took a long time to complete their respective projects. However, when one of my co-teachers discovered CourseLab on the Internet and introduced it to us, we were so excited about making future learning materials with it because it proved so easy. CourseLab is user-friendly and so cost-efficient. I am confident that this program would prove very helpful, especially for us teachers struggling to maintain quality education in developing countries.
Beth Vargas
We run a free German website about project management and quality assurance in software development.
The team is discussing the development of several project management web-base-learning tutorials for two years now.

Since the first idea of developing a complex learning program appeared, we experimented with several tools and own developments. But the progress was minor and pretty frustrating.
We just did not find an easy-to-use tool which a rich feature-set and some useful templates.

Thanks to a colleague, we found Courselab two weeks ago and it is just what we need.
Our favourite features are:
- Easy to use (like a little extended MS Powerpoint)
- Ready-to-use Templates for Layout
- Question- and Testobjects for learn-controll
- easy import of Powerpoint sources

We were productive within 2-3 days.

And the best: It is free - exactly what you need for our own free open source website.

Many thanks to Softlab Ltd.
Alexander Volland
I had to actually deliver a course which is SCORM compliant and ran on Moodle. Because of small budget for the client, the choice was to go for an open source tool. I had eXe, courselab and one more thing in mind. The courselab won over exe in all wasy for me. I was able to integrate audio anywhere I wanted and was able to package a 15 screen course in just about 12 hours, and it is fully SCORM compliant. I was really happy with the speed at which I could make a course. It had a very familiar PPT type of environment so I didn't take much time to adjust. I am yet the figure out some of teh advanced features but i am sure they are as easy as others.
Manish Sahajwani
CourseLab is a useful development tool for rapidly creating elearning courses, it provides a solid and easy to use interface thats gets you up to speed in no time.
Importing powerpoint slides is so easy.
The publishing of SCORM compliant material is a breeze and effortless.
This product is at the top with the rest of them - plus its free.
TOP ELEARNING TOOL FOR 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J yaseen
Excellent lab course elearning tool. Would recommend it to anyone just getting into elearning course development.
Paul Langan
Great tool !! I was astonished by the tool performance, I was able to do many new things which I had never thought would be possible in other tools. Thanks for developing such a great authoring tool.
I am totally new to this and have been looking into e-learning as a way of adding to the delivery of learning at my school. I have found this software easy to use and within a short time have been able to produce materials for use.
Ian Poole
I am interested in providing language learning material for my students. I have tried dozens of software - most of which produce Flash quiz - but nothing has met my needs as fully as CourseLab software. Its flexibility, ease of use, and simplicity of the final product cannot be met by any other product I have tried so far - and no other product will meet my requirements other than CourseLab from now on, simply because I no longer look for an html- or flash-based course material design software.

Hakan Gьr
I am extremely happy with this wonderful program. I have tried several other e-learning authoring tools and either they were difficult to learn or they did not meet my needs. Courselab is an easy to use authoring tool that you can learn to use in less than a day. It has great functionality and is limited only by your creative expertise. I have found it simple and fun to create courses. I just wish I had found it sooner. Keep up the great work.
Larry Northey
After coming across Course Lab it seemed simple and free, so what could I lose. I was happily suprised that it had all the features I was looking for and was able to create a learning course in no time. I didn't want to learn a new program to create my course, Course Lab is intuitive and natural. Nice work.
After installing and using CourseLab, I am really amazed with how productive I can be with this FREE and easy to use software. In fact, I have switched from an expensive software to CourseLab to create learning materials for my students. Thanks for making such a great tool FREE.
Achmad Suyono
This suite is very appropriate for individuals wishing to create SCORM for LMS without having to spend time learning extremely technical aspects. Without even reading the help or manual, I was able to produce a basic learning module and upload it to Moodle.

The help file is extremely useful and answers most of the basic questions regarding the program. There are some very cool features, such as agents that can provide feedback, ease of import for audio, video, and flash files, and rapid creation of tests.

Teachers have so far been limited by lack of advanced knowledge in creating SCORM, the lack of affordable software that will assist them in creating SCORM, and an overall lack of available SCORM. Overall, CourseLab delivers an extremely stable system that low-intermediate computer users should be able to utilize.
J Vickers
The largest benefit of this tool is that you can be up and running in minutes, that is if you read the directions.

Although intuitive, you will need to peruse the instructions as some of the tool's powerful capability must be understood in terms of how to manipulate components.

In comparison to some other tools that provide with you a shell in which to create a course with all of the needed components, I find that Courselab also easily allows you to give course your own look and feel. Additionally, the components are easy to manipulate (i.e., placement of text, graphics, objects, etc.). This I've seen as a major advantage over some of the other tools.

Bravo, CourseLab, for providing users with a great product. I can't wait to see how the capability will grow in the future.
H. DAunoy
The product was very easy to install and use. I have just started using it and already I am amazed!
CourseLab is a very powerful program for production of didactic material multimedia by the facility of its use, by the way like Integra different educative tools and their easy integration with educative portals.
Yuri Milachay
Overall, I think CourseLab is a great product heading the right direction.

I am a Web Developer and was looking for an e-learning platform which would allow me to deploy courses with SCORM standards. I was also interested in being able to fully customize the application to be able to add tools, objects and edit .css, .xml, .js, swf files.

I think CourseLab is fantastic in this sense, and I'm quickly getting the hang of it.

Surely, there's still screws that need to be adjusted, but thanks to the wonderful development team, it will get done. No doubts.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product and thanks for sharing with the dev community,


Very good, and flexible tools. We trying many tools but, we do not have thats great software to creating e-learning tools. Now we create course in our system by WWW site and WYSiWIG tool.
We start testing your software today and we very glad that we find this software
Tomasz Smolarski
It's very helpful and I really enjoyed to create my first course with CourseLab.
It's the best tool and It provides a lot of good idea to improve presentations and contents without too much time to spend.
Well done!
Simply better than anything I've used before! Passing the download link on to all my colleagues.
Richard Williams
Its a great tool, I was able to get a course in no time, adding text, pictures and some basic interaction to make the lesson interesting and engaging, the best part is how easy is to develop questions and use different types of questions. The templates make the work much easier to start and one can configure and add logos to personalize it to meet branding standards. I highly recommend it for those who need to put a simple course with a professional look.
Rodolfo Siles
For a long time I was looking for tool that would allow creation of professional e-learning courses without a need to learn much about flash or javascript. Most of the solutions that I have tested were very limited. There was only o small set of posibble components that we could include in our project.
I have decided to try CourseLab 2.4 because I was looking for some solution that offers the designer more freedom. Ive never found such a rich library of ready to use objects including Agents, Test, Multimedia and many more. What I like the most about CourseLab is ease in actions definition. We can easily define not only the look of the course but also its structure.
Important issue is also the price (or lack of it:). Competetive products cost few hundred dollars.
Bartlomiej Polakowski
It's really nice tool. I'm Ukrainian tutor (physics, math.statistics, biophysics) with 22 yrs background. And I needs in free e-learning tool for preparing some interactive materials for students. I&#8217;m prefer &#8216;like a Flash&#8217; (flash based technologies) instruments, - and I select Course lab. Thank you.
Olexandr Prokopchenko
Corselabs have provided a solid workbench to create our e-learning environment. Not only is it a great product, it is easy to use and implement.
John Plagissos
I have used CourseLab for some of my lessons and published my courseware through Moodle. I find it very easy to use and my students find my lessons easy to follow. The plus point of using CourseLab is that I don't have to go to any formal Instructional Design (ID) course to create good and effective learning objects (LOs) for my students. I can just use CourseLab 'as is'.
I have just tested CourseLab for my first e-learning course project, aimed to give support to our internal staff training. It has proved to be a very useful tool to increase our productivity and course quality.
Thank you.

gian uigi vecchi
I'm a teacher at a large secondary school in Melbourne Australia and am in the process of developing online learning resources for my students. As I am constantly looking for tools to help me do this I came across CourseLab. I was amazed at the functionality and power of CourseLab as it allowed me to write course ware quickly and easily. The range of tools and options has aided my creativity and allowed me to do things which other applications have proven more difficult. I have previewed CourseLab with my peers through network meetings and have found a good response. I would recommend CourseLab to anyone who is serious about developing good, interactive online learning materials.
Phil Brown
Simple, but good. I searched a long time for a good SCROM-Editor Software. Now I've found a good solution. We are a elearning service company and want to offer our a clients a kind off elearning-tool-bos. CourseLab will be part of ist.
Udo Scharf
CourseLab 2.4 is impressive for a free e-learning/testing authoring tool. With no former use of e-learning/testing authoring software (or knowledgeable assistance) it has taken less than a day to both install and become comfortable creating tests in its authoring environment. I am even considering venturing into some of the more advanced features. I printed out the 2.3 user guide (comprehensive at 250 pages) to get me started and found on installing 2.4 that the online documentation was easier to use.

I am testing CourseLab in conjunction with SLK and the one downside to date is its apparent inability to display the individually selected answers that were chosen by the learners (for review purposes). I expect to explore using the internal variables to see if this can assist with the answer-recording process, however this one shortcoming will more than likely encourage me to test out other e-learning authoring packages.

Overall I am very impressed with it ease of use and what it can do.
David Olsen
I am the owner of a startup business technology company, BSI Solutions, in Windhoek, Namibia. One of our core service offering is e-training custom development for training institutions, corporate and service industry clients.

Being new to e-learning development, I searched the web for basic entry level type of content development and authoring software. I stumbled upon CourseLab, I read the basics and I downloaded it to check the functionality it offers. After running through the interface, layout and features set I immediately decided to have it as my standard content development tool. So far we have developed five courses and a couple of online assessments and surveys. Now, it is the our tool of choice.

Great job, keep up the good work and we will keep using it. Best part, it is free.
David Tiboth
CourseLab is amazing! I spent three weeks evaluating over a dozen CBT authoring tools and can say with full confidence that CourseLab offers more than those costing hundreds of dollars. Better still, it is incredibly easy to use and the output is amazing. As an online instructor all I can say is “Thanks You CourseLab!
Mike Small
With the tabs to create Table of contents and the ability to create working distribution CD or DVD's it is a very useful product for creating a various training aids, form technical to illustrated zoological studies. You have an excellent product, I will recommend it to others.
James Young
This is not an in depth review. Download and try it for yourself. It is free and does not tax your system.

I love authoring software. With this stuff, you can do almost anything.

Years ago on my Commodore 64 I had a program called CANDO that could make presentations. Then on the Amiga there was HELM, a clone of the iconic Mac HyperCard, which was truly awesome software.

CourseLab is similar to those ancient tools. It has all sorts of boxes where you control the course. It has internal controls, so you could do some fancy branching or personalizing. You could probably write an adventure game using CourseTools. You could build a web page with it too. Why not?

I am currently bouncing back and forth between it and eXe, another fine free tool. I am enthralled with both and still don't know which one to begin my projects with. It is clear that CourseLab has more power and therefore more potential. It seems to be well supported, too. It may take a bit more work to grasp than eXe, but it will be worth it for anyone planning a seriously deep lesson.

I have not tested its SCORM compliance, but all reports are good.
Jim Ventola
I'm an italian teacher of art in a middle school of Puglia. I've tried to implement an e-learning site with Claroline and I've experimented Courselab 2.3 to create learning objects. After a reasonable time I realized different L.O. very impressive for childrens of 10 years. Courselab is a great resource for us!
Giuseppe Schiuma
It was so good to have courselab as a course editor.
it is an amazing tool, I find it very helpfull.
It is very promissing tool in the field of E-learning comunity.

Thanks for websoft for giving us such a tool.
Mike Nelson
I was most impressed by the comprehensive feature set of Courselab.
The application meets and exceeds all our course development requirements.
The tool is easy to use (But there is a little learning curve if this is your first time developing)
Nice boquet of templates and addins. All in All, a well rounded development tool that is elevated to legendary status by being totally free!
Alistair Johanson
I have been working with CourseLab for some weeks now, to create a portuguese tutorial on how to use... CourseLab!!

CourseLab is easy to use, a simple demonstration is enough to start using it, especially if someone already knows PowerPoint, there is some similarities in the operational structure. So starting to use CourseLab can be fast and easy as long as we just use some simple objects.

For those persons interested in all the advanced features available in CourseLab (specially with actions on objects, execises, tests, objectives and points) the learning curve is smouth. Examples in CourseLab site, with the source files, will also help.

This free tool can make learning objects simple to do and import in to a LMS using scorm. Publishing to a cd-rom or a site is also easy and the content will look professional.

Josй Oliveira
Josй Oliveira
Dear Course Lab Developers,

Course Lab is the most user-friendly e-learning application creator that I have come across on the internet, and it's a FREEWARE! Imagine that! Thank you very much to Course Lab Developer Team! It's just like using Microsoft PowerPoint, so I don't have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to create something from it! Bravo Course Lab!

Jimmy Welles